This course is an opportunity for you to finally understand why you make the decisions you do, why you can set goals and still not achieve them, and why just having affirmations is not enough to help you in your life journey.

Learning what it takes to trust yourself, your gifts, your purpose, and recognising what breaks that down, is a revelation for, well, pretty much everyone who has done this course in various forms for many years.

Once you have completed this course you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of the dynamics of trust

  • Realise how you have broken down your trust in yourself in the past

  • Identify areas and patterns in your life that you may want to strengthen

  • Have the springboard for growth and transformation

What Others are Saying

"It was like a light was turned on in a darkened room."


"The only way I can describe the work on trust is that it made me face my weaker and darker self head on, while giving strength to my best self."

David C

"I am loving this course and each day see its incredible power and value. Just when I think I realise its value, I am yet again amazed at just how powerful it is!!"

Joan W

"I appreciate the simplicities of the presentation and the materials. There is so much power and depth in this unique model which brings to light the real core in all personal and business relationships. Thank you, Vanessa!"

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • What you can expect

    • Symbols

  • 2

    Truth ONE: You Need to Trust Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

    • You need to trust yourself to achieve your goals

    • Exercise 1a – Trust or Bust?

    • Exercise 1b – Goals and trust

  • 3

    Truth TWO: You Have Expectations of Yourself: Positive and Negative

    • You have Expectations of yourself: positive and negative

    • Exercise 2a – What did you Expect?

    • Exercise 2b – Which Expectations are most important or most energy charged?

  • 4

    Truth THREE: You Seek Out Ways to Satisfy Your Needs

    • You seek out ways to satisfy your needs

    • Exercise 3a – What do you Need?

    • Exercise 3b – It’s time to change

  • 5

    Truth FOUR: You Make Promises to Yourself All The Time

    • You make promises to yourself all the time

    • Exercise 4a – Promises made

    • Exercise 4b – New Promises

  • 6

    Truth FIVE: Trusting Yourself is The Key to...

    • Trusting yourself is the key to...

    • Exercise 5a – Bringing it all together

    • Exercise 5b – Warning signs

  • 7

    Truth SIX: You Need Balance to Be Worthy of Your Own Trust

    • You need balance to be worthy of your own trust

    • Exercise 6a – How trustworthy are you?

    • Action Plan

  • 8

    Truth SEVEN: You Need a Clear Sense of Purpose

    • You need a clear sense of purpose

    • Exercise 7a – Who are you?

  • 9


    • What's next?

About the Instructor

Vanessa Hall

Vanessa is known as 'The Trust Lady', and has been exploring, researching, testing, teaching, learning, training, listening to stories, sharing her own stories, and writing about trust for over a decade, around the world. Her message of trust is a very personal one, as she has been challenged right throughout her life and has asked the question 'who can I trust?' only to have that challenge presented back at her by her own son, Lachlan. It was in this special moment that she realised that trust was at the core of everything, and she has dedicated her life to understanding trust and helping others do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Estimated hours to complete

    This is a tricky one! You could speed through the reading in an hour or two, but you will miss the richness that comes from really doing the deep thinking and reflection. I believe, if you are already here, you are already thinking about trust and its impact in your life, so ideally, you probably want to allocate 5 - 8 hours, over a few days. This is a self-paced course and you can complete it at your own time and pace.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for anyone who has had issues with trust, with their trust being broken or betrayed, who gets that trust is critical to a marriage, a family, a business, a community, in society. You might wonder why the focus of this is on yourself, when it's other people who have broken your trust, and I get that, completely. However, what I also discovered, is that the impact of that brokenness and betrayal can damage us inside, and then that affects how we turn up, what we think of ourselves, how we behave, and how much we trust our own judgment. So, go with it, come on the journey with me, and start from where you are at.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You can have access to this course for as long as the platform and the technology exists! You'll find times when you will want to come back and do the course again. I have, and I wrote it! Things change in our lives, and in those moments when it all feels too much, come back and do the course again!

  • Do I have to complete the course in one sitting?

    No. You can complete the course at your own pace.

  • Are refunds available if I'm not happy with the course?

    I certainly want you to feel you have gained benefit from the course, and that it has delivered on the promise. However, if for some reason you are not happy with it, I'd really like to understand why, in case there are things that would be worth changing. So, if you email us at we'll set up a time for you to have a quick chat with one of my team.