An exploration

For the curious learner...

For the one who lives with integrity...

For the leader taking the road less travelled...

For the bold, the brave, the courageous...

For the protector, the healer, the carer...

For the one who is ready to dive deep and rise tall...

For the one who chooses to protect the vulnerable, unite the collective, create the future...

This is for you.

Guided and mentored

Each module takes you on a journey with:

1. Individual online coursework including personal reflection (allocate approx. 6 hours per module)

2. Group coaching calls with others on the journey, to compare notes and learn from each other (1.5hrs each)

3. Optional one on one coaching with Vanessa Hall (30 min per session)

4. Assessments to evidence grasp of the concepts (approx. 1200 words each)

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The first of three levels of certification

  • Level 1: An exploration

    Introduces you to the concepts of trust, ENPs, trustworthiness, and begins from the inside, you, how you show up, how you treat yourself and others, how you demonstrate trust and congruency each day in your personal and professional life

  • Level 2: Professional or Personal

    Takes you into the practical outworking of trust in a further 3 modules in your choice of a professional, organisational focus covering People and Culture, Sales and Product, Marketing and Branding; or a personal, family focus covering Parents, Couples and Children

  • Level 3: Chief Trust Officer

    Takes it to the next level for those wanting to embrace all elements of trust and its application across personal and professional, to become Chief Trust Officers, or Ambassadors for Trust, and includes further modules and one on one coaching and development, and access to a wide range of tools, templates and guidance

Social proof: testimonials

Clarity and alignment

Sanjaya Gunaratne

“The course allowed me to delve deeper into something that is all pervasive and provided a structure to examine how to create clarity and alignment to build and sustain trust. I realised just how devastating a breakdown of trust can be, and it highlighted the importance of nurturing trust, and the training provided the tools to do that.”

Incredible power and value

Joan Wright

"I am loving this course and each day see its incredible power and value. Just when I think I realise its value, I am yet again amazed at just how powerful it is. Really exciting and challenging! Everyone should be using this!!! It has done so much for me, personally. This module on leadership is wonderful. I am using it to really explore areas where I need to improve."

Reaching my true potential

Eva Bett

"I would like to sincerely thank you for holding my hand through the tricky path of exploration and self discovery that we travelled over the past eight weeks. I’ve been to psychologists and counsellors over the past 35 years but it was only when I started the journey with you that I discovered what was really stopping me from reaching my true potential. The extent of your knowledge and the extremely well structured course contributed greatly however I know that it was the fact that I was able to trust you and trust the process that allowed me to make my discoveries. Your careful, considerate, well-structured and gentle approach we reassuring, to the point where I now feel sufficient confidence to undertake some significant steps towards achieving my life-long goals."

Now it's your turn

Group coaching dates for the next cohort:

The simple truth about trust:

Either Friday 21 August: 12 – 1:30pm OR

Monday 24 August: 7:30 – 9:00pm

Self trust:

Either Friday 4 September: 12 – 1:30pm OR

Monday 7 September: 7:30 – 9:00pm


Either Friday 18 September: 12 – 1:30pm OR

Monday 21 September: 7:30 – 9:00pm

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