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Clarity and alignment

Sanjaya Gunaratne

“The course allowed me to delve deeper into something that is all pervasive and provided a structure to examine how to create clarity and alignment to build and sustain trust. I realised just how devastating a breakdown of trust can be, and it highlighted the importance of nurturing trust, and the training provided the tools to do that.”

Incredible power and value

Joan Wright

"I am loving this course and each day see its incredible power and value. Just when I think I realise its value, I am yet again amazed at just how powerful it is. Really exciting and challenging! Everyone should be using this!!! It has done so much for me, personally. This module on leadership is wonderful. I am using it to really explore areas where I need to improve."

Reaching my true potential

Eva Bett

"I would like to sincerely thank you for holding my hand through the tricky path of exploration and self discovery that we travelled over the past eight weeks. I’ve been to psychologists and counsellors over the past 35 years but it was only when I started the journey with you that I discovered what was really stopping me from reaching my true potential. The extent of your knowledge and the extremely well structured course contributed greatly however I know that it was the fact that I was able to trust you and trust the process that allowed me to make my discoveries. Your careful, considerate, well-structured and gentle approach we reassuring, to the point where I now feel sufficient confidence to undertake some significant steps towards achieving my life-long goals."

Trust in our management team

Gary Allen

"It was our pleasure to hear Vanessa and to explore the issue of trust in a way we haven’t thought about before. Some things that have helped with trust in our management team, trust with staff and those looking at it issues of trust and all that is causing us not to move forward quickly in some of the areas because we simple have not done the development of trust. So, we are making a commitment, taking note of this, we are going to move forward on building trust."

Life changing

Mia Lander

"I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa at Deloitte and found her to be a sincere, ethical and honest individual. Her online course is life-changing and I heartily recommend it for the self awareness and insights it brings. Vanessa's willingness to self-disclose her own personal lessons makes the experience relatable and the self reflection exercises provide an opportunity to learn in the most powerful way - from lived experience. I highly recommend Vanessa and thank you for positively impacting upon my life."

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Your Instructor

Author and Creator of The truth about trust series

Vanessa Hall

Vanessa Hall is known as 'the trust lady', having spent well over a decade exploring, testing, and proving her model for trust and trustworthiness around the globe. An award-winning author, her simple but profound way of explaining the most complex and misunderstood concepts make her an ideal instructor.